Paul & Barnabas

One of the particulars of HOPE61 is that trainers are, ideally, sent two by two. Not only is this practical (especially for brand new missionaries) but our director also took this from Biblical examples like Paul and Barnabas. You’ve read in previous posts that my original partner is still going to the Philippines, and my hopefully-new partner was  waiting to hear back on her application. We were verrry excited when she got a big “Yes!” but I agreed not to spill all the beans to the “public” until she had the chance to talk to some people on her own. And now she has!

My partner to Ireland is not only already a good friend of mine, but a fellow Houghton student, a fellow Writing major, a fellow resident of Pennsylvania, & of course my sister in Christ. She is sweet, fun, & numerous other admirable qualities which I am too sleepy-yet-excited to list at the moment. : )
Many of you already know & love her — Lauren Staley!

me, Lauren, Alex

Lauren has one more year of school at Houghton. Thank you to all who prayed for her application; it went through in just a few weeks, which was awesome. Please continue to think of her as she raises support & deals with academia at the same time! We’d love to be in training next summer & leaving next fall, as I mentioned before : ) Check out Lauren’s blog:

Just thought I’d share that piece of excitement! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


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