I…I’m growing like the quickening hues.”
–Bon Iver, ‘Wash’

So, short update on life:

This day marks the beginning of my 3rd week as a vegetarian. This is also the 2nd week of my fundraising class. The class is through OMS (my sending organization) and is based off of the book “Funding Your Ministry” by Scott Morton. It’s taught me a lot so far & I’m definitely being prepared to better serve. (more on that later)

One of the things we’re learning is how to tell good stories. We’re to take a 10-minute story and condense it to a 2-minute. No ‘verbal dribble,’ the 5 W’s  in the first sentence, and powerlines. Because I’m a writer and I’ve been trained in the ways of writing, I’m not always the best speaker. I tend to think in terms of “writing language” but the way we speak is different than the way we write!

When the course is finished we should have a polished & conversational presentation to use in face-to-face fundraising appeals. Tonight one of our assignments is to put together an “End Story” — a story that shows how my work with OMS can bring about a meaningful end — and connect it with 3 other parts of the presentation. Guess it’ll be a late night of talking to myself to practice!

Yesterday one of my old roommates from Houghton, Daryl, came by on her birthday! We had supper with her & let her use our washer & dryer…it was so good to see her. She’s moving to Texas so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to see her lovely face next. A close friend, Brittany, is also here for a couple of days. And since Brianne has been spending the summer with us, it was like old times (not so old — they’re just a few months so), having my dear friends so close at hand.

THANK YOU to everyone for asking/praying/recommending job opportunities. I have an interview this Wednesday at 9:30 AM! It’s to work part time with 4-year-olds, which is something I love doing. Let’s hope this goes through!

Next post will feature some information on Ireland & human trafficking there. I’ve been doing some research.
Well, I hope everyone has a great week! :  )

Brittany & I skyped with Alex! : )



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