The Great Country Reveal

It’s here! It’s time. The ANNOUNCEMENT. The big reveal!

You already know I’m headed for Europe and in my last post, I promised to tell you when I was given 100%-amen-sure confirmation on the country I’ll be working in. Yesterday, Saturday evening, after playing days of phone tag, Joyce (my boss) and I talked. We caught each other up and then I asked that fateful question. Are we 100% sure now, on you-know-where?

Yes! She said. Oh, yes! We are indeed.

So I, Emily, am going to live two years in…

*drumroll, suspense, etc…!!*

The Emerald Isle.

Eeeeeh! When I thought I was going to be studying abroad, this is the country I desperately wanted to get to. Even better than that, I have an immense calm. A peace that I did not have with the previous destination. I’ve been praying about it since it was suggested, and I have a wondrous peace.

So needless to say, I’m through the roof about this. (Not literally of course, that’d be bad. See? I’m so happy I’m making dumb jokes.) I started checking out books on Ireland from the public library a few weeks ago, when the possibility arose. (I am a nerd and that shall never change.)

My goal
: raise necessary support by end of April.
OMS Training: June (could even be May) through August.

Now of course, part of my job description is working with another girl, a partner in missions. Who will that be? I cannot say because I want her to be the one to give that news first; her application is also in its final stages of approval. Please pray that things will go through smoothly for her and that she’ll hear back in about a week! She is a wonderful friend who I’m already quite fond of, so this is an exciting prospect.

It was pointed out to be that this job will be different than the Philippines would have been. Though both countries would have HOPE61 working in education & prevention, the Philippines would have provided closer contact with prevention among those trafficked; the supply. Ireland has more people trafficked in than out, for sex slavery and labor slavery. My partner and I will be working quite a bit with the demand side of the issue. I’m really excited that my previous partner, Lauren, will be in the Philippines. She has an enthusiastic heart for those in need and I know she’ll do a great job in Asia.

Here are 5 prayer requests I humbly ask that you’d keep in mind:
1.) PRAISE to God for fulfilling the desire of my heart as I go to work in Europe! I’m so thankful!
2.) Pray for the hearts of the Irish to be open – more specifics to come in next post.
3.) Pray that my financial support will come in by our goal: end of April 2012. Thanks to God for what He’s going to provide & what he’s already provided!
4.) Pray for my partner-to-be, that her application will be accepted & that she would continue to find joy and peace in this summer.
5.) Pray for my previous partner, Lauren B, as she prepares to get HOPE61 going in Asia; that she would keep her joyous enthusiasm and be strengthened! I’m not sure yet how things are going for getting her a new partner, so please keep that in mind also.

THANK YOU to those who have already shown me blessing, forgiveness, compassion, restoration, and encouragement. Thank you for offering your support in so many ways.  And as always – feel free to talk to me about your summers, your futures, and the joys and sorrows on your heart. Bye for now…

(Eeeeehhh! IRELAND!)


One thought on “The Great Country Reveal

  1. ¡Hola Emily!
    I’m finally back to the internet and am just catching up on your posts. ¡Hallelujah that it’s Ireland! We are told that the Lord will grant us the desire of our hearts and that’s certainly happened in this case! Yes – you have so much to do, but also so much joy in the doing.
    Un abrazo fuerte,

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