The Orange Girl

Still not doing so well at the regular posting! Unfortunately I’ve been having a few mishaps this summer…but also some good things. Let’s start with the mishaps and end with the good so this can go out positively :)

john william waterhouse

a.) job. While I’m fundraising I need (& my family needs me to have) at least a part-time job to help out with groceries, buy stamps for sending support letters, and gas money to visit the churches I’m able to speak at. But despite putting in 12 applications so far, I’ve been rejected by places a high schooler (no offense to high schoolers ; ) could get a summer job at. It’s a little discouraging…or maybe just painful for my ego to take, ha!
b.)  computer. This is necessary for communications with those supporting me, emailing churches to set up speaking engagements, my writing, and the online summer class I’m taking to graduate. I have one from Houghton, but since bringing it home, the screen is systematically failing. I’m a little worried about the cost for replacing it, since I’m out of a job right now!
c.)  loans. Ahhh yes, loans! Most college graduates know the feeling. That being said, this is a lesser concern. I know that God directed me to Houghton rather than a cheaper school, so I know He’ll bring me the means to pay off the loans. It’s just been a bit of a stresser as this has to be considered as I go forward with the anti-trafficking work.


a.) I’ve been surprised several times with significant amounts of money for graduation, birthday, etc.! God is providing me with funds little by little. Even if I can’t find a job, He is reminding me that people are caring, riches are (truly) fleeting anyway, and I’ll be provided for.
b.)  The aforementioned money may be able to help repair my ailing computer, or purchase a cheaper, teenier Netbook…which would be a cinch to travel with.  If nothing else, I can use my Mama’s laptop!
c.) There isn’t much to say about loans right now…ha…but since I am confident that missions & anti-human trafficking are where I should be, then this too shall pass. Even if it’s a few years, it shall pass. ; )

So anyway, that’s how things are right now. I hope I can take some pictures soon of my beautiful surroundings to show you all around. Yesterday we got six peacocks! Three of each gender. Like the guinea fowl we have, they eat up the ticks and beetles that could hurt us, our animals, or our garden…so they’re pretty AND useful.

Please pray for the things I mentioned above. I’ve been fighting discouragement the past few weeks, and yet, I am becoming closer to God and beautiful things. Hope to have pictures next time!


5 thoughts on “The Orange Girl

  1. I will say it…I was googling…I am bored…trying not to do what it is I should do. I read your blog and I really liked it! I have a question I mean to ask you. You live at home now, yes? You are feeling that you are to become a missionary and are raising money and looking for a job, and other things. (I have a very close friend who is a missionary from college). You have to pay for food at your family’s house? I do not understand.

    I wish you God’s blessings.

  2. Hi Marika!
    Thank you for reading the blog & for your comment. As far as stuff at home goes, my parents provide for us, but in our current situation it would be a big help for the whole family if I could contribute something as well. My parents don’t expect me to pay rent or anything, which is very nice of them, but they’d appreciate help once I get a job…especially since I’m “grown up” now. haha : )
    Thanks again for reading & commenting!

  3. ok, definitely praying for your financial situation – I know what it is like to know my family could use the financial help!

    Also – I love that painting :)

  4. Thank you Jen, I appreciate it! Anything I can pray for you for this summer? Just message me if you’d rather not say in a comment : )

    Have you seen the entire thing? That’s just a snippet. I’m a big fan of Waterhouse…he reminds me of Vermeer!

  5. Hey Twin,

    The whole hiring high-schoolers instead of college people is so dumb. Neither Jenny or I could get a job this summer, and I know the majority of college people I know are in the same boat. I don’t get it, but it bugs me.

    Anyway, I wish you luck! Keep on going and I know you can handle whatever life could dish out!

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