It’s Not So Impossible

Currently Sitting: at Panera Bread
Currently Listening: Sufjan Stevens, “Impossible Soul” (from Age of Adz)
Currently Seeing: Brianne sitting across the table
Currently Smelling: My whole grain bagel

6 Days: Bon Iver’s newest album release
9 Days: 21st birthday
That’s right! Bri and I ran off to Panera to use the internet since my family’s is so slow.  She has some free time this morning since her internship doesn’t start until noon. As always, it’s a little adjustment, being so near to “town”…supermarkets are 15 minutes away instead of 45. And I’ll be home until January!

I wish I could show you pictures, but I still need to get batteries for my camera. So I’ll just give a brief overview of new happenings —

like how yesterday Mama, Kiah & I spent 3 hours planting corn & potatoes (red, white, yukon gold) & today I think I’ll do green beans. I applied to the convenience store that is literally two minutes away (I could walk) for a part time job! It would be so nice to save on gas money…though yesterday when I dropped off my application, Lydia (my Great Pyrenees dog) followed me almost up to the door. She’s not huge, but she’s big enough to make other people nervous!

Last week, before I left Heather’s, I heard back from a church in Northville, NY. One of my friends from Houghton (Jaime) goes there  & suggested I ask. Well, October is their missions emphasis month and they invited me to come for one of those slots…so I’ll be going October 2nd! On the way home, I”ll spend some time at Houghton. : )

Sunday night I started making envelopes for my first support letters. I’ve got to get them out, but…that also requires money. I have a little, so I’m just rationing it & praying for a job soon. I’m sure it will work out!

OK, time to job hunt further.
Happy Summertime!


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