Today is the 31st of May, the final day of the month…
which also means this is the last day of my free Netflix trial! So many movies, so little time (as they say).

This past weekend was especially effervescent, each day comely in its own way.

On Friday:
David (at home in Rochester) came to visit! A bunch of us went to the Irish Pub, a favorite restaurant for the Writing Circle bunch. David & I split the fish fry, but I got two desserts & extra cream. : )

On Saturday:
The Houghton yard sale! I spent under $6.00 and got an apron, a few scarves & handkerchiefs to wear around my head, 3 children’s books (my favorite: Ottie & the Star.), 2 old necklaces (dangly & teeny metal leaves & bells), a teeny picnic basket, & 2 bags (I have a problem with bags & shoes…I like them too much!). David left. Then Alex, Britt, Lydia, Dan & I went to Wiscoy! First time for Brittany & Alex.

cute Lydia & Dan

For those of you who do not know, Wiscoy is a series of waterfalls & a popular swimming place. But recent rains had made the falls swell, and we didn’t get as close to the falls as usual. Still, we enjoyed the freezing water for a while & then sat on the rocks — painting, reading, blowing bubbles.

On Sunday:
After visiting Belfast U.M., which has been a home church for Lydia, Dan & I while we’ve been at Houghton, we ate lunch at Ace’s. Ace’s is right beside the town square; an unassuming, homey place with unusually fair prices. Opting for the simple, I had an eggsalad sandwich on toasted sourdough with french fries on the side.

When I returned, Alex & Britt & I accomplished another thing from our “To Do” list by further exploring the creek running past Roth & Lambein.

Brittany balancing.


It was a magical experience. The heavy thunderstorms we’ve had the past couple of weeks had knocked over several trees, which we enjoyed clambering over & sneaking under. We wound our way through pine needles and walked in the creek as much as possible. After an hour of exploration, we hit up the 124-flavors-of ice cream place in Hormel. In my personal, well experienced position, Key Lime Pie is the beeeest! All in all, it was a full weekend.

As far as the Philippines goes, we’re setting the departure date for by-early-June 2012. Hopefully it will be even sooner than that! This Sunday is my first support-raising presentation, at Belfast U.M. I have a basic outline, but I’m talking to the people at OMS to check it over. I’d like to have a basic structure that I can use for the presentations I hope to make this summer.

Well, it’s off to Badminton class for me-e-e!
Newest favorite song:
Comfy : )


2 thoughts on “Holy-Moly-Me-oh-My

  1. Dear Lauren,
    The presentations went pretty well! Thanks for asking. There were a few prayer supporters & one immediate financial donation, and a generally very encouraging crowd! :)

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