It’s May, Meaning Muscles Meet the Miraculous.

It’s cliche, but I’m so sore that muscles are hurting that I never realized existed…I’ve gone from having no time to workout to doing it nearly 3 hours a day. Mayterm at Houghton is a wonderful thing (weather is nice, fewer classes & responsibilities, living in a house with Heather instead of college housing, etc.), but this year I’m taking 2 PE credits — Tennis & Badminton.

I have Lit of the Holocaust, then Tennis, then a break, then Badminton, then personal workout. It’s tiring (so tiring), but I’m glad to finally have the chance to get into shape before the summer.

So. Since my last post, amazing things have happened. First, I graduated from college.

Graduating housemates! Back, right to left: Daryl, Lydia P, Lydia D. Front, r to l: Audrey, Bri, me, Bethany, Liesl, Annie.

Then, I moved into my friend Heather’s house. A sweet, creaky place where we have Writing Circle, experiment with cooking, & generally live in creativity. I’m so grateful she offered to let me move in for Mayterm!

Heather, working on the porch.

THEN…yesterday I got a phone call I’d hoped for. Joyce from OMS called to let me know that I’m officially ACCEPTED to work with HOPE61!!!!! Ahhhhh!!! So now I’m headed to the Philippines along with another girl, Lauren, who I’ve not yet met. God has been gracious to me & I’m already going to have $3,000 in my account. I’m responsible for raising my support to go, but I’m confident that He will see this thing through with me.

Well, I’ve already received the order form for prayer cards & hope to get those & a support letter out soon. Thanks for reading! And happy spring.

Happy with Bethany! So many nights I spent awake/asleep in her house...


One thought on “It’s May, Meaning Muscles Meet the Miraculous.

  1. Twin, I’m picturing you getting all buff working out all the time. Being super muscular warriors must be a family thing…

    Also, I’m so proud of you for graduating! Like, you rock! I have a graduated twin! Woohoo!

    I look forward to reading about all your travels and adventure!

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