Pancakes vs. Homework

Happy Easter!

Well, today is the last day of break. I’ve accomplished almost nothing as far as homework goes…but I do feel calmer and more rested. That’s probably worth something & even if it isn’t, I’m too overcome with senioritis to care.

Saturday morning

On Saturday night my friend Monica was confirmed in the Catholic church & she invited me to come to the Easter Vigil & be a part of it. Though I’ve been to mass at Mt. Iraneaus (a Franciscan retreat center) a few times & loved it, I’ve never been to a more traditional mass before. It was truly sacred to be in a place that, though different from my own usual way of worship (though I’m not sure I do have a ‘usual’ way anymore), was still a place where the resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrated. Anyway, it gave me lots to think about.

[I would post pictures of this but camera is currently MIA…]

So, as I said in the last post, the day after the Iron & Wine concert I slept in until lunchtime. (We got back to school at 3 AM.) Bethany, Liesl & I went to Subway for their buy-a-footlong-get-one-free deal (I was super excited for that deal, btw) & then Bethany invited me to join her up at the ceramics studio.

The ceramics studio? Hmm…I’d never been up there & the idea of using a wheel had always been intriguing… then Heather popped up, & decided to join us! Bethany even gave me the chance to try throwing something myself! It didn’t go so well…but by my 3rd try it was noticeably improved.
Getting my hands into the clay was harder than I expected – but so rewarding. I have a heightened respect for artists. I’ve always loved hand made ceramics, but now I value them even more. Not only is it difficult, requiring hours of practice, but the process is long — creation, firing, glazing — it requires a patience I’m not sure I have yet! I hope I have the chance to try my hand again someday. I have a feeling it’s a poetry-invoking experience. : )

Bethany at work

Bethany's teapot...awaiting glazing.

Heather, waxing her plate in preparation for glazing.

glazing samples

On Friday night, I couldn’t fall asleep. I was alone in the house & I have insomnia as it is s0 I couldn’t fall asleep. Around 5:00 I started hearing birds chirp despite the rain & out the window I saw the faint outline of the townhouse roofs as the sky began to turn blue. I figured that once it was light out, I would feel comfortable going to sleep. So I decided to stay up…and make pancakes.

The view from my kitchen window, as it got lighter

I couldn't resist opening the door to let in the air

View from the sidewalk-level...a very wet level!

I remembered that no one else was around & I could make all the noise I wanted. I was feeling poetic & a little introspective (probably from lack of sleep).  So I turned on Bon Iver from my April playlist, opened the windows, and made my pancakes. I used an awesome pancake recipe. They’re thick and delicious, but not too heavy. This is the 2nd best pancake recipe I’ve ever used! I actually cut it down & made 2/3 of this, which was perfect.  You can find it here! –>


I spent a lovely hour in the middle of sounds: of sizzling, and falling water, of harmonicas. I ate 3 delicious pancakes. I fell asleep on the couch to the sounds of birds on the bushes…

Now it’s back to school! Three more weeks. Then graduation.
Oh my!


2 thoughts on “Pancakes vs. Homework

  1. THAT is one cool teapot! and i love the name liesl (: i first heard it on the “sound of music” and thought it was such a pretty name!

    graduation in three weeks!? :D you must be stoked! know what you’ll do after?

    • Thanks for your comment, sugarmouse! : )
      Yeah, I love that teapot too…my friend Bethany is pretty talented! And I am stoked, indeed…I’m waiting to hear back about an anti-human trafficking job with a mission society. I should know in a few weeks.
      Thanks again for reading!

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