Do You Remember the Tree by the River?

Counting today, there are 5 remaining days of Easter break! I’ve not gotten as much homework done as I should…though I hope I get my head on straight soon…but I have enjoyed myself. It’s been a delicious combination of alone time & chill friend time. On Tuesday I went to my good friend/boss (Heather) ‘s house to help her rearrange her porch. It’s a lovely enclosed porch on the second story with many windows and creaky wood, but during the winter Heather uses it as storage. After we were finished, Meredith (one of my housemates) & Nuk (friend) came over & we all made sushi (looooove) & chocolatey espressos which we drank out of martini glasses. We piled on the bed for girls night part 1 & watched half of Jane Eyre. Yesterday Mer, Nuk, & I went back to Heather’s where we made chocolate pudding cake & watched Jane Eyre part 2. Perfect.

I’ve made up some Italian bread dough & figured I’d blog while it rises. In my last post I mentioned that I spent this past Friday night in Buffalo at an Iron & Wine concert, opened by The Low Anthem…! ! ! !

Emily’s Top 3 Favorite Musical Artists [in no order]:
– Iron & Wine
– Bon Iver
– Sufjan Stevens

….So you see why I was so thrilled.  And I have to say it’s VERY hard for me to choose among my music loves to choose the top 3.
SO. Let me tell you about my Friday (Iron & Wine) & my Saturday (Ceramics studio)…

Cameron, Rachel, Sarah, Meghan, Erin

My good friend David (my very hipster, but very awesome friend I might add) let me tag along with him. We got to Buffalo, neither of us the very best at directions though I probably am the worst, and had some trouble. OK. The directions said “destination will be on your right,” but what they don’t tell you is the street the Town Ballroom is on isn’t open to cars. Eventually we parked & walked in the direction of the Shea theatre sign. It seemed right & we ran into a couple walking the same way. They were from Canada, very nice, & pointed out the Town Ballroom right on the other side of a tall white fence. We saw a very short line (perfect timing!) & I yelled in delight when I saw a few of the Brown House girls there with Cameron. Doors opened at 7:00, so David & I talked & took pictures with each other & the other group. We knew a LOT of people from our school would be coming…

We were right behind our friends, after this couple on a 1st date.

(FYI, I told David in the beginning that I thought this couple was either on a first date or soon would be…at the end of the concert [they ended up right next to us] they told us they’d loved this night & yes, they were on a first date. So cute!)

View across the street.

We were all very patient. I got the under-21 X’s on my hands & David got the 21-or-over yellow bracelet. The marker made my hands smell terrible, buuut I pretended to have superpowers.

a.) I'm rather short so my pictures are all angled upwards. b.) I'm going to say David was texting someone about how cool it was so stand there with me.

I apologize in advance for the poor quality of my pictures when it comes to the actual concert. We couldn’t use flash & my camera is cute, but sometimes sketchy….haha.

The Low Anthem

The Low Anthem is a great little band. They are sort of 60’s folk / a wee bit of bluegrass / melancholy, sweet sounds. Unfortunately they didn’t play either of my favorite songs (“To Ohio” & “Don’t Tremble”) but it was still a good beginning.
–> link for “To Ohio”:

Then…Sam Beam arrived with his beard & his band.

Iron & Wine <3

The newest Iron & Wine album is “Kiss Eachother Clean.” It’s beautiful, as usual, with a little bit of a different sound to it than his older ones (kind of like what Sufjan did with his newest, but less autotune). However, they opened with “Boy With a Coin,” an Iron & Wine classic. As far as the new songs go, David was hoping for “Half Moon” (his favorite) & I was hoping for “Tree By the River” (my favorite). We both got our wish! I wasn’t sure I would…but then the FINAL SONG began to play & I nearly — no, I did — jumped up & down!!

–> here for “Half Moon”:
–> here for “Tree by the River”:

Now, let’s back up a second.
While we were waiting in line David brought up how we would make sure we got a good spot.
“No problem,” I assured him. “I’m really good at worming my way through a crowd.”
Even better though, David got in before me. I walked in & had trouble seeing at first, it was so dark.  The Town Ballroom is actually kind of small — at least where we were — and like a pit. I looked around for a few seconds & then dimly saw a figure waving at me. Then I saw David’d bright red hat & the Brown House girls jumping up & down. : ) I walked down into a pit of sorts & voila! We were all as close as we could possibly get! No worming needed. It was perfect.

Sam Beam

Once I was standing in my place & my eyes adjusted to the dark (we still had an hour to wait for TLA & Sam), I saw people lining up on the higher levels around the edges, which kept the floor from being too crowded. There were these white & red buttresses against the ceiling; beautiful almost because they didn’t really belong.  Slowly, almost unintentionally, Houghton students, alum & staff were collecting together on the floor. We looked around us & saw two faculty members & their spouses, lots of fellow students, recent alum, one of the Resident Director’s. It was really kind of awesome.

The concert was just perfect. Sam played a combination of new songs & crowd favorites, and Meghan & I danced & danced as much as we could. Three of us ate apples. We were in the very front and not too squished. No one exceedingly obnoxious was close. We all high fived each other as our favorite songs came up & Erin was nearly beside herself saying “I can’t believe this is happening,” over & over. It was a blissful night.

Afterwards, David went home to Rochester for Easter break & the Brown House group + me + Bethany & Jon + Keith & Colleen went to Town. Remember a post or two ago when I mentioned the trip to The Vault? It’s the same Greek/diner place we went to after that.

Part of the group. Blurry, but there you go.

Meghan & Keith playing "Wallet War" while we waited for our food.

Cameron, Me, & Meghan looking at the concert pictures from Meghan's camera.

Well, that’s all I have to say on the concert night — we ate pancakes, greek salad, omlettes, fries — we arrived back home around 3 AM — but this post is already monstrous — so I’ll save the ceramics studio for a post in a few days. I hope you enjoyed this peek into an awesome event in my life…and if you love the same music I do, you’ll understand why this concert threw buckets of joy in my face.

OK, time to get that bread into the oven!


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