The Stone Step, the Working Latch

So, way back in the dead of winter I mentioned that Alex, Brittany & I had another weekend adventure. I never posted anything about it – until now!

After the Quidditch/movie/dinner outing, Bethany told us that her boyfriend (an alum from our school, lives in Buffalo) was going to be playing a show at an art gallery in the theatre district. It’s kind of indie & underground, and called, appropriately enough, The Vault.

paintings on The Vault walls

Not surprisingly but much to our delight, we were not the only ones dressed like (in the case of the boys) fishermen and (in the case of the girls) as if our wardrobe had been completely put together between an antique shop and Africa. It’s nice to find a place where you belong.

Britt & Alex lovin' life

The music? Incredible. We came in while a girl & guy duo were finishing up. The girl’s voice was sweet, smooth  & classically indie/folk. Still, their lyrics were fresh & original. Another duo, this one two guys with curly hair & fisherman boots (naturally) intrigued us with their cute-close-to-sexy faces & cheery music. Their voices had an edge of jazz, but didn’t quite cross the quaint indie line.

Alex watching the next group set up in between sets.


Jon, Bethany’s boyfriend, played plenty of times while he attended Houghton, but for some reason I don’t think I ever heard him. His lyrics are meaningful and poetic and his voice smooth — with a bit of spice. All he has is his guitar, so the heart of the sound comes from what he gives to it.

The final band to play was Pegacide. Their music can easily be described as a spiritual experience. The lights went out, candles flickered, & using drums & all sorts of technical equipment I can’t understand but can definitely appreciate, sounds  of water, birds, sirens & calls moved in and around our ears. Without lyrics, all we could think about was all those sounds — but they weren’t distracting. Instead, I felt like I was getting to know myself as I turned inward.

That night we stayed at Jon’s house, a huge Victorian house that is a co-op. It’s beautiful & poetic. I felt like Jack Kerouac, but better. We returned to Houghton in the afternoon & that night Brittany, Alex & I went to the art show opening at the Ortlip gallery. Professor Murphy & Professor Baxter had a show called “Time and Place.”

title show

Ceramics & paintings

The girls, full of art & greek food

The show was the perfect ending to a weekend of words, sounds, & pictures. The creative side of my brain was ready to burst with happiness! Months later, I think I can still say it gave me an injection of creative inspiration just when I needed it.

Yesterday was the first day of spring, now it’s Monday morning, 6 AM, and thunderstorming. There’s a Social Justice conference on campus today & I only have 1 class.  All together, I think it’s going to be a good day.


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