Yesterday I had my second-weekend-in-a-row Buffalo adventure. This one was oh-so-boho, and I can’t wait to write about it. But that will have to wait a couple of days. First you should hear about last weekend.

Alex at the Flurrious

Brittany, Alex, and I were planning on going to Buff. to see a movie & then eat at the Blue Buffalo, a place in the theatre district that Mama had given me gift certificates for. A few hours before we left on Saturday afternoon, Brittany faebooked me with the news that there was going to be a Quidditch match in Delaware Park…only a few minutes away from where we would be!

We faced blinding snows on the way there.

For those of you who didn’t know people play Quidditch outside of Harry Potter novels…they do. The Quidditch World Cup was in NYC this past fall & many colleges have Quidditch teams. Brittany is trying to pull one together here, actually. We arrived at the Olmstead “Winter Flurrious” (isn’t flurrious a HP-sounding word? A great word.) to find live music, people of all ages frolicking in the snow, and winter sports everywhere. Despite being told that “they’ve been out there on the field playing Quidditch all day” (a great thing to hear a random person say so casually, by the way), only a lost bludger was to be found.

Brittany, forlornly holding the bludger.

We wept over the wind chill, which is no doubt what forced the Quidditch players in hours early, but still enjoyed fried dough and skipping through the snow. Perhaps our cheery faces are what brought us notice, but the photographers of the event took our pictures 3 or 4 times. The irony that not one of us is really from Buffalo, that we accidentally didn’t even pay the fee to get in, & that we’d not even come expecting a Flurrious was not lost. On the death walk back to the car we walked right by the zoo, where only the buffalo (how appropriate) could stand the cold.

We got to the theatre at last where we each bought a ticket for the 4:40 PM showing of “Tangled.” Alex bought a large popcorn & I got a large soda, since they were doing 1-free refill of each. Wooo! Sharing! Yay! “Tangled” was a hilarious, cute, and dare I say…uplifting?…spin on Rapunzel, love, & livin’ life. Beside the parents there with their little ones, we may have been the oldest there, haha!

Afterwards we snapped some photos with the Harry Potter gang.

Brit y Harry

Alex y Ron

Hermione y yo

Finally we went to Blue Buffalo, located right across from Shea Theatre, etc, on Pearl Street. I’m under the impression that it’s  a little new, but it was still great. We walked past the bar, up the stairs, and sat at a table in front of the little stage where I’ve been told Jazz is sometimes played. Sweet. Alex & Brittany both got the Buffalo burger, which features Louisiana hot sauce and sweet potato fries on the side. I had the Cajun mac & cheese. The cheese sauce was creamy & unlike other cheese sauces I’ve had, actually tasted of cheese. The pasta, I will add, was made perfectly al dente. I do mean perfectly. The spicy sausage and chicken that was a part of the dish added a unique spin on a comfort food I already love. So yes….dessert! Alex & Brit shared a huge slice of layered carrot cake with cream cheese icing & cinnamon ice cream on the side. To quote Alex, “It was so good.” Personally, I went with a slice of pecan pie & scoop of vanilla. All the desserts are homeade. And that was the best darn pecan pie I’ve ever eaten…

And I leave you with that sweetness : )
Next post, most recent indie Buffalo adventure.


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