Three Clever Sisters & How They Grew

So now I’ve put myself behind in blogging and I have two great things to tell you about.  My family’s epic Florida roadtrip & the adventure that Brit, Alex, & I took to Buffalo last weekend. Since I’m behind but I want to write about these wanderings of mine, I’ll just start with FL and later write about Buff. Oh yes.

My family (Mama, Papa, Kiah, Hannah & I) left Pennsylvania on New Year’s Day at about 3 AM. That’s when Mama woke up & we tend to leave for trips whenEVER she wakes up. So we sleep in our clothes and such. My mom is pretty cool, but I think she also indicates that I come by my free spirited insanity fairly. Well, we headed for Flagler Beach to visit our Grandma Sara who, coincidentally, is not our grandma by blood but still in spirit.

The sun was out & the heat was a dream after the daily snows here in Houghton! Visiting Grandma Sara was sweet & so was the beach that happily lay right across the street…

The water was a little chilly, but the shells were amazing.

My pretty little sisters on the beach

We collected shells all along the waterline. While soaking up some sun I spotted two black-(something) skimmers, four brown pelicans, & a semipalmated plover. Yes, those are all birds.

After two days and nights at Flagler Beach, we had breakfast with Grandma Sara at a wonderful diner that was definitely more of a “local” place. That makes me love it automatically. Then I had two amazing, giant whole-wheat pancakes & a plate of crispy, garlic-y homefries.

We girls were amused by their motto, printed on the front window. It's true I guess!

After breakfast, we went to see the Fairchild Oak, a tree that’s thousands of years old and living off in an absolutely beautiful park.


Fairchild Oak

Next we headed to Palm Beach – Greenville (Greentown? Greenplace? Something like that) to be exact – where our parents hoped to meet up with one of their best friends from high school. We’ve always been told he’s the reason they’re together…but that’s another story. Anyway, they couldn’t get in contact with him so they just went to his house and knocked at his door. I realize this may seem stalkerish or something, but…it’s just the family traits of curiosity and stubbornness. They found him & we all went out to eat at “Gratify,” a cool, new “American gastro bistro” (I feel like the gastro is a weird name) in downtown west Palm Beach. Uh, yeah. We had gift certificates. Mama & I shared a green thai curry. Delicious! We spent the next day with their friend, hanging out at his little house which is filled with art inside, and covered outside with as many plants as a nursery. A good time was had by all.

We took the camper with us to save on hotels. This is where we stayed while we visited Kyle.

Finally, we were headed for my favorite place of the trip…the place I learned about in Cons. Bio. just a few weeks before & am fascinated with…the EVERGLADES. To show you all my pictures and tell you of all the birds I identified there would take up too much blog, so if you’d like to see them refer to my facebook. But let me tell you. It is not just a swamp, it is a wild, free poem and someday I’ll go back there to write.

They call it the "sea of grass" and you see why

We took Anhinga, a famous boardwalk trail that never fails to provide a wide array of wildlife.

This is how close we were to the gators. Like this random guy. And there were literally piles of gators...

Favorite bird I saw. Purple Gallinule.

I bought a bird guide so I could learn to identify as many as possible. Besides the purple gallinule I also identified the double-crested comorant, several anhingas, green heron, white ibis…and quite a few others! On our way to our last campsite in Florida, we stopped to try fried gator tail. It was probably the most comforting fried-comfort food  I’ve had in my life. Ooooohhhh so good! There was as much wildlife along the road as in the Everglades park…which is just how it should be. We spent that night in the final park of the trip & left early in the morning to head for Nashville, where we were dropping Kiah off at Belmont University. We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe, had huge cupcakes, & generally enjoyed seeing the city.

Gigi's Cupcakes. Kiah raved about them & for good reason. They were tasty!

Hannah with our box of cupcakes : )

Despite some minor troubles along the way, the trip was truly once-in-a-lifetime. Roadtrips. Ahhh, the open road. I wrote a poem about Spanish moss & airports, and thought about words while I loved the sun. The last leg of my journey was our trip to Houghton which was fraught with increasing cold and blinding snows once we hit Ohio. But I was first back to my townhouse & my parents & Hannah made it safely back to PA!

Now it’s been a week & a half of school & I’m already up at 2 AM. But that’s alright. I spent my time on the road, reading Jack Kerouac & soaking up the boho feeling.


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