All Kinds’a Crush

Ask anyone. I’m a terrible sleeper. Not only do I talk in my sleep & have excessively vivid dreams on a regular basis, but it takes me forever to fall asleep. Sometimes I lie in bed for four or five hours before I can begin to go to sleep.

Flagler Beach, FL

Instead of putting my sleepy, messy head amid my mass of pillows and drifting off in peace, I stay up all night watching movies like “Blue Crush.” I don’t even know why I’ve watched that movie so many times. It’s not even all that good…but I think something about the waves, the shots of the girls being tossed underwater, the way the waves roll into themselves and crash onto the ocean floor & the whispery, intense voice overs calling things like “you were born to do this,” and “I’m gonna be the best surfer in the world”…

I don’t know. It kind of makes me wish I was hardcore enough to surf, to write a book that’s pure magic —
Or to get some good sleep at night.


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