Letters Not Our Own

“Tis the day after Christmas!
Christmas was very chill, which is just perfect. I got socks made from bamboo, a huge giraffe figurine, fuzzy socks, sweet leggings… I gave a PA railroad hat, hemp necklaces, a Kenyan purse…

Gifts are nice, but people & food are better! We had Midnight Dinner on Christmas Eve as is tradition, but we ate at 10:30 instead so my best friend, her husband, & his sister could eat with us before they went to hear the steam whistle at midnight. When I tried some of the beans I was cooking, I couldn’t help but think it’s goooood to be Mexican at Christmas time. : )

Now we’re watching End of the Spear and I’m thinking about missionary things. Mama gave me a book called Missionary Voices, by A.W. Tozer and some others. I think I’ll be getting a lot more of those sorts of things now, haha! I haven’t read it yet, but it’s a more wordy version of the Ask a Missionary Q & A book they gave us at the OMS conference.

I know that being a missionary is not all fun adventure or something very easy. I know it’s not really glamorous and I know that it can be rather complicated. I’m not really into pushing my way of life on anyone – I just want to work for justice; for Jesus. And I believe that’s something all Christians are called to, one way or another. I don’t quite know how it’s going to work, I don’t even know if I’m supposed to be a missionary my whole life or just for the next two years. Right now I can’t imagine, completely, living in a whole other country – as much as I want to do that, it’s strange to think of. I’ve stolen seconds from moments here and there, to pretend like I’m running away from what I’m supposed to do. Just to see what it feels like. And that? That feels stranger. That is less imaginable. It’s empty. My future? At least in the next two years, it’s full, and it IS an adventure; an adventure better than an easy one. Because it’s not of my own will.

Well, now we’re moving on to watching Anna and the King. The Siamese king in that movie is the first Asian man I ever fell in love with! : D


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