This is the first in a series of wonderful weekends, all happening in November!

Right now I’m plopped on a bed just a short walk away from the OMS headquarters. This morning two carloads of Houghton students as well as “Uncle” Bruce & “Aunt” Donna (our Houghton OMS reps) traveled the 12 hours here for a weekend conference/retreat, and despite being tired and a few of us feeling under the weather, we’re all feeling jubilant, as well!

This conference is intended for those who feel, in whatever capacity, a call to missions or to learning more about missions. I’m not positive which category I fall under…yet. One thing I do know is this: we’ve all come here for a purpose. The people at OMS have prayed for each one of us specifically (what a beautiful thing!) & have also prayed us all into this weekend. We’re here by God’s plan, I do believe.

We had one session tonight & went back to our rooms for rest. Tomorrow we begin with a delicious breakfast & then more talk with missionaries & the others at this conference! I’m rooming with a sophomore girl who I don’t know very well, but liked already & am now having a blast with! The two other girls in the house (the downstairs is made up for OMS related guests, a very sweet lady lives upstairs) are awesome…1 is from Cincinnati, the other is a freshman from Asbury Seminary. The 4 of us are already hanging out in each other’s rooms like we’ve been living on the same floor in a dorm for months! It’s great.  : )

During the first session several OMS missionaries shared their  stories of how God called them to missions. He called each one in a different way, at a different time in their lives, to different countries, & to different ways of serving. But there is one thing He called them all to: Himself. Thus I leave you with this precious & powerful statement one of the missionaries left with us:

It’s really to Himself He’s calling you, not to a geographical place.”

Something to think on.
Tell you more about things later! Please keep us all here in prayer. We are earnestly seeking God & resting in Him this weekend!

Random other notes:
I got my pendant from etsy in the mail on Thursday & I *also* got these fairy house earrings in the mail…

Anyway, that’s all for now! Sweet dreams, oh world!


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