The Freckles In Our Eyes Are Mirror Images

I found a lovely quote that said something about finding the “peace of the wild things” and decided to try out a new blog name. “Earthkeeping with the Wild Things.” We’ll see how it goes : )

The season is quickly shifting to winter. There have been several sightings of spots of snow, including one this very day! Snow is beautiful but the cold is one of my least favorite things in the world. Yes, I love wearing gloves, scarves, my winter coat with the Eskimo hood — but…the cold! Perhaps if it wasn’t so fierce, or if it didn’t last so darn long…

I do feel winter is a great chance to be creative; to cozy up indoors with a project not related to school. One of mine this winter will involve jewelry. I bought this wonderful hippie-like vintage pendant to put upon some sort of string or chain. Found on Etsy from glamourgirlbeads…she has so many awesome pendants & the like that it was difficult to choose just one! She re-finishes many of them, as she did with this one. Someday (perhaps the event of Christmas presents) my bank account may allow for more  purchases. Check her out!

Already sent to me in the mail!

Well, a fellow Fiction classmate is sitting near me here in the coffeeshop working away on his story (prompting me to a little guilt) AND my senior sem class is tomorrow. As my project has been causing me much anxiety for…well, most of the semester so far!…I think I’ll take some time to attend to it now.

I wish you all a peculiarly wonderful autumn eve!

P.S. Current song in head:


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