Old Bentley

Ahh fall break!
I’ve elected to stay at school for break, and I am enjoying it very much. I look at it as three Saturdays in a row! You can’t beat that!

Monica & I are at Heather’s house tonight & enjoying it oh so much! We made vegan pumpkin muffins, looked through photos of Heather’s international life, drank organic vanilla tea, & already watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. We’re taking a break before checkin’ out Cedric in the Goblet of Fire. Nice. : D

Movies, or really anytime, at Heather’s apartment are so pleasant. Not only is her home (dubbed Old Bentley) a wonderful space for imagination with the beads hanging in the doorway, the teacups on the shelves, poetry books & old trunks in the middle of the living room, but there’s the porch. Oh yes, the porch.

Here we are on the second story of a charming yellow house. Here we go, through the living room to a winsomely creaky porch screened in with windows. There’s a large comfy bed where Monica, Heather & I are all gathered, first covering our freezing little toes with a white squishy comforter, then finally being overcome by the October night air that leaks through the porch windows so that we snatched a large blue blanket from Heather’s room.  The movie is projected onto a large sheet hung in front of the bed…the porch is laced with fairy lights & giant tissue flowers. What a perfect place to be on cold autumn nights!


An October day last year...no current ones to choose from.


This is something my sisters and I would do, if we were all at home again instead of 1 at home, 1 in the south(ish), and 1 in the north! I saw Hannah this weekend & I can’t wait to go see “Tangled” over Thanksgiving break with both her & Kiah. I hope. : )

A peaceful October eve to you!
And wish me luck with Cedric ; )


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