Saturdays are so strange.
I let myself sleep in, but after an exhausting week I’m still tired enough to get to 5:30 PM and fall asleep until 8:30 PM. So despite my best intentions I spent most of this day asleep or feeling…disoriented…weird…etc. Napping is rarely worth it.

So now that I’ve been awake for a bit and finished off “Surrounded by Sleep” by Akhil Sharma & the preface of Martha C. Nussbaum’s “Poetic Justice,” I naturally decided to stumble around!

One of my favorite finds was this website:

Which features amAZING pictures of beautiful sequoias!

For example:

I’ve now added “Visit the Sequoias” to my list of thins To Do Before I Die.  They are spectacular! I mean, I knew about them already, but these pictures give such a wonderful perspective that I, already an avid tree-lover, am temporarily obsessed. Later that will simmer down to simply an ever-present dream of seeing the sequoias…then one day I will journey out there via train or automobile (because these seem the most romantic ways to travel within your own country), and write pages of poetry & narratives about the experience.

Trust me, I know myself very well.

Sequoian Secrets:
*the “coast redwood” as it is also known, is the only living species of its genus (Sequoia) which belongs to the cypress family!
*fog is actually a vital part of its survival, providing much of the sequoia’s water source
*its tannin-rich bark is a major part of its ability to withstand fire…tannin is also found in persimmons, which is why a persimmon so completely dries out your mouth if you eat it before it’s ripe

So take a few minutes to see those pictures, and dream a little bit about the largest trees in the world.

And also check out this comic – from “Get Fuzzy,” my favorite comic (“Pearls Before Swine” comes in close second)!

Alright folks, time to write the billionth reading response of my life! Later.


One thought on “Sequoia

  1. Hi,
    I found this post when I went through the triggerpit comments. Thank you very much for your kind words. We recently visited Sequoia National Park and it is truly spectacular. I only wish I had even more pictures to share. Stay tuned, we are about to post a few more articles on amazing trees.
    Thank you again.
    Webmaster Triggerpit

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