The Old 97’s

Today, I am a chapel-skipper!
And because my War & Terrorism class was just cancelled, I’m excited to say that I am free until my writing class at 1:45! I have some homework to do, but I thought I’d take a moment to blog.

Tuesday morning I discovered that, the next day, Invisible Children roadies would be here on their Face-to-Face tour. I WAS SO EXCITED! Not only was I hoping to see a presentation from Face-to-Face anyway, but I’ve been researching & dreaming about applying to be a roadie for the Fall 2011 tour.
The Face-to-Face tour is awesome because it IC has brought several men & women over from Uganda to be a part of the tour…to connect tangible faces with the stories the roadies tell. We had half of a group visiting us – the other half was at another school. I was able to spend some time talking with Lawrence, a Ugandan who now works for IC in Uganda, and also talk to Traci, another roadie, about my future application. Dale, a third roadie, was there as well. It was great to see them and talk to them!
Applications for the Fall 2011 tour should come out in March and I can’t wait. : )

So, I just joined & figure I’ve just created a new distraction for myself. Do many of you go on that site? You give information about what interests you & the search engine comes up with random sites in those topics…it’s pretty sweet. I found this video today, it’s hilarious!

I’m also enjoying Pandora a lot more that I’ve pared it down to things I really love, or love once I hear!

This is the song for the day…

The next big thing? The WEEKEND. It’s here. Nice.

In other news, Sally Murphy hennaed my hair a week or two ago. My hair’s so dark it just makes a nice subtle sheen…but I like that. My next hair adventure? Plum, I think. In high school I used this mousse to dye my hair plum; it only lasts a few weeks, but it’s fun and smells delicious!

The end.


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