Week Five, Still Alive.

I realize I did a HORRIFIC job of updating this blog over the summer…

will it make it up to you if I say it was a beautiful summer?

Well, it was! It was also physically exhausting, but I think restorative in many ways. I have an entire album of pictures on Facebook for each month. I spent a lot of time outside and exploring Houghton, both of which are perks of the maintenance job life. Now that I’m back at school and a senior (woo! Woo? WOO!?…aka yay, woah, scared) I am back to Phonathon, both calling & supervising. I do miss the built-in workout of the summer job. I hope to find a way to create a tiny space of time that will allow me to workout amid the insanity of the week.

Summer woods walk

It’s already Week FIVE, people! Somehow, we’re all still alive.

I have two writing classes (Fiction & Senior Sem), War & Terrorism in the Middle East, & Conservation Biology. This semester I have over 100 pages of writing to do, what with research papers, projects, stories, reading responses, process letters, etc. As a writing major I shouldn’t be surprised, really, but I am a bleeder so I know this will be a challenge.

Every Thursday in Senior Sem we discuss what it’s like to be a writer (said in dramatic, tortured artist way). (Note: just poking fun at myself here…I do love senior sem!) One of the first things we talked about was knowing if we’re “bleeders” or “gushers.” So-called gushers spill all their thoughts on the page and get it all out at once. The challenge here is editing – does it happen enough? The rest of us, so-called bleeders, take forever to get anything on a page. They (we) edit line-by-line and have issues with getting it DONE. I am a bleeder. This I cannot deny. In fact, I embrace my self-assigned label! I actually love that my work generally comes out with that first round of editing complete.  I also hate this, because I take forever to get anything done and then appear incompetent. Anyway, it’s something I’m working on.

Speaking of writing, I need to pound out another response letter for Fiction class, so I’ll leave you all with a vague promise to consistently blog this year…I realize I made that same statement for the summer, but I also mean it. Haha. Anyway, all I can promise is, I will TRY.

And I realize that no one is going to die without my blog so…that’s good.

Next post: all about my love of cupcakes & revived love of all things hippie & boho. As well as a comment on my hennaed hair.

Good night, all.


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