Curing the June Bug

I caught the June bug this month, and I haven’t minded one bit! Allow me to explain.

Today is the final day of June 2010. A few days ago I turned twenty. Yesterday a friend helped me to weed my garden. I think I’m ready to start writing again. My material belongings are decreasing and improving.

This town in the summer is just such a beautiful place! The hills, the sun, the trees…

On Sunday some of my beautiful friends threw me a beautiful surprise party. There was a delicious cake & wondrous company. The day of my birthday, this past Thursday, I worked but had lunch with Katherine, Erin, & Sally. Liesl gave me a real-legit-gen-u-ine sari she bought in Malaysia. (!!) We watched Bollywood with Linnea, Katrina, & my sister Kiah, that night. I felt so apprehensive about being twenty – I mean, being a teenager is a comfortable place to be, you know? “Twenty” sounds old & feels a little in limbo. I hate limbo. But I’m much more OK with it now…feeling the love from friends & family makes it easier. The only thing left to do is decide on my 20-song! : )

Yesterday, Katherine and I drove up to my garden & she helped me to weed the entire thing. The cabbages take up the most space now, they’ve grown so wide. (Ironically, cabbage is not my favorite thing.) I hope the zucchini sprouts can catch up soon.

Work is still entertaining; Houghton is nearly as busy during the summer as it is during the year! New paint & carpet in Gillette, new flooring & refrigerators in the townhouses, new furniture in quite a few offices, & several spaces of road were just re-blacktopped. Is that even a word?

Speaking of words, I am ready to lift my self-imposed writing block & begin again. After a frustrating writing year, I was sick of my chosen calling & decided to break for a month. I think I’ll reclaim June and begin again…reading a bit of Kerouac & Creech have inspired me again – and revived my desire to get back on the road. And I may get there in February 2011.

One of the leaders of the group I went to the Dominican Republic with (Summer, 2008) invited me to go again this coming February. Unfortunately, it happens the week BEFORE February break…but maybe if I do particularly well the Fall semester + January, my teachers will allow for this trip. It would be, as last time, a missions trip. From the day I left, I knew I wanted to go back. I feel positive that God would have me return, if only for another short visit – so this is amazing! Please pray that I would be able to raise the money for the trip & that I will only go under God’s blessing & not of my own desire alone.

Well, I caught the June bug & I don’t know that there’s a cure. I think I had to let it runs its course – one more day perhaps – and accept that  a little part of me is changed…but never, fortunately, immune. Maybe the only day to move past it is to leap into…July. : )


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