June Bug Beginnings

Here I am! Taking a ” giant” leap from my blog comfort zone since 9th grade, xanga, and moving on to something a bit sleeker. WordPress. I love to write and I love to blog. And I love the name “wordpress.” I think it’s so poetic, don’t you?

Despite already spending around 9 months in Houghton as it is, I’ve elected to spend 3 more & stay here for the summer. I doubt I could’ve found a fulltime job at home, and besides that it is particularly beautiful during this season!

You may be thinking that this is going to be one boring blog, because what could possibly happen in Houghton that would be worth reading about? Two essential reasons:

a.)  I’m working maintenance. You may think that sounds mundane, but the job is one of the most diverse I’ll ever have! Not only do we get to explore parts of campus that 98% of people will never see, but we do five or six different things every day…some of them downright crazy. You’ll see as I post pictures & write about it.

b.) This is summer. Is there any season more magical, or full of more potential? I assert that there is not! I’m going to work hard my 40 hours a week, Monday through Friday, and revel in my evenings and weekends. My sister and I are growing a garden, I’m reading “On the Road,” and I’m seeking to rediscover my inner hippie/free spirit of my younger years. I know it’s there somewhere…and I miss it.

Finally, look for my blog’s name to change with the month. As you can see, this first month it’s “June Bugs.” : )

Friends, please read & comment, and let me know about your summer adventures – whether they be leisurely or upbeat.

I’ll write to you again soon!


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