The intricacies of payroll are mysterious and…slow. I just spent the past two weeks working 40 hours, but my paycheck is behind two weeks so of course I got the $ for the past 30 hours instead. Blahh… though I’m grateful I have anything at all, it’s true.  I just wish I’d remembered this detail before I got excited about my mega-check, haha.

Would you jump inside of a drain by the road & start cleaning away with your shovel? Better yet, would you find that intriguing & strangely fun? I do. Which is why I can’t wait to do that later this summer! Today Mitch had Aaron and I clean off two drains by the road & the music building parking lot. After a failed attempt to lift the grate off the drain, he told us that this adventure of exploration lies ahead! I’m kind of excited about that… : )

I started taking pictures at work today. Mitch was not thrilled; he’s not a fan of the spotlight. But Aaron was quite supportive, so the show will go ON! Here are a few of them. See more  on facebook.

I’m also excited that today is FRIDAY and therefore the WEEKEND. AHHHHH! I LOVE THE WEEKEND! I literally came back to my apartment, looked in the mirror above the kitchen sink, and giggled with glee at my fortunate circumstances! A weekend! Hoorah! Oh Happy Day, Oh Kalee-Kalay! I hope, I pray, I wish upon a southern wind, that the predicted thunderstorms will prove FALSE. I would like to take my free Saturday and explore, visit my garden, take more pictures!

Meanwhile, the night is young & I just made a miraculously good pan of fudge brownies. The best part about an entire pan of brownies to yourself is that you can eat all the corners. Yesssssss! I’m going to find a beautiful, arty movie to make me cry then see if I can finish “On the Road.” Tea party on Sunday.

What is this loveliness I own?


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